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Best Kept Secret of Online Dating: Country Boys.


The barn girls and I recently purchased and unloaded hay enough for a year, for all our horses. That’s a lot of hay! Can’t say I’ve ever had to unload hay before and so, if you haven’t either, let me tell you, it’s hard, sweaty, and fast work. Maybe even sexy if you are into sweaty people working hard and fast, but hang on, I’m getting there…


Hay 2[15]

Top of Hay[13]



Anet and I[14]

So, in the course of the week, we unloaded over 500 bales, give or take I don’t remember.  It was hard work, but all the barn girls had “husband muscle” to contribute but not me, I’m single. You might remember, I moved back to Indiana for a relationship and trust-you-me, I’m not looking for another! But needless to say, my girls started teasing me that I should “get” me a farmer to help next time, and that maybe I should join one of those “farmer dating sites”.

On that Friday night, it was Net’s birthday and we had girls night at the The Drop Comedy Club. We had some great food, great laughs, and drinks at the bar afterward. As we were sitting at our booth kidding around, I pulled out my phone and said, “Hey, I’ll join one of those farmer dating sites and review it for my blog!”  What’s more “Indiana Sexy” than farmer dating? No, really, what? So, I quickly joined the site by adding basic information on my Iphone and BAM, we were cruising online profiles of farmers and cowboys across the country.  C’mon, admit it, it’s kinda hot!

At some point, Net and Belle took over my phone while Tine and I went to the bar. The Dew Drop had some incredible drink specials which were as pretty as they were yummy, so we hung out at the bar while Net and Belle proceeded to “Thumbs Up” any guy they wanted on my account! They might have enjoyed it a little too much, but nothing wrong with window shopping…for me! It was all in good honest fun. Let me tell you, I woke up the next morning to 120 notifications in my email! (And yes, I counted them just for you!)

I decided to continue on the site because it turned out to be a lot of fun! The free profile allows you to send cute little flirts like these:

“I LIKE your truck….and your not half bad either! lol”

“I love you might be too strong…but WOW!”

“Which is faster, you or your horse?”

And my favorite, “I think your tractors sexy! Wanna go for a ride?”

So, here I am with my review: I’m sticking with the site because it’s sweet. It’s good wholesome people appearing to be hardworking and honest, I’m a big fan of both. I will warn my single girlfriends, the men really do post pictures of their combines, tractors, and such. It must be the ritualistic mating behavior of the proud male agriculturist! Just be impressed, those suckers are expensive! But keep in mind, it’s not only farmers, it’s outdoor enthusiasts, ATVers, campers, hikers, rodeo cowboys, demolition drivers, and the like.

I figure, in writing this blog, I am taking one for the team, so now it’s up to you: I’m challenging all my single girlfriends to give a country boy a shot! I’m betting you’ll meet somebody you like! But if you don’t try, don’t complain to me! Ok, you can complain, I’ll still love you. But like they say, if you’ve fallen off the horse, you gotta get back on!

 Up for the challenge? Join me here, I think you’ll smile:

 But watch this video first for inspiration!

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