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Guest Blogger: Douglas Plencner on “What is Indiana Sexy?”

Intro:  I’ve had the privilege to go on several Indiana adventures with our guest blogger, Doug Plencner.  And by adventure, I mean, not-ever-boring!  Doug will kayak all day, hike hours, and maybe even fight off a coyote or two to get where he wants to go!  He spends countless hours exploring, studying, and seeking little known terrain in often under appreciated areas of Indiana and Michigan.  Doug is also known to drive long hours through the night to arrive at his destination, just in time for daybreak, to behold the perfect lighting for his stunning photography.  I am beyond thrilled Doug has agreed to guest blog for IndianaSexy.com.  Without further ado, here is Doug beginning to answer the question, “What is Indiana Sexy?”

Guest Blogger: Douglas Plencner on “What is Indiana Sexy?”


What is “Indiana sexy?”  When posed with this question, my thoughts drift to the 45 miles of shoreline that Indiana possesses.  Beautiful coastal towns and cities like Michigan City, Dunes Acres, Grand Beach, Furnessville and Beverly Shores dot the shoreline, offering wondrous spots to live, dine, and relax.  The crowning jewels of this coast are the undeveloped areas which, sadly, only exist within the confines of the National Park shoreline and the Indiana Dunes state park.  Those areas include Miller Beach, West Beach, Mount Baldy, and Central Beach.  These are the places where gorgeous pastel skies shed their warm light on flora and fauna that are very diverse in their range — so much so that the Indiana Dunes National Shoreline contains the widest variety of wildlife per acre of any national park in the United States.


Through my years living in Indiana and visiting the shore of Lake Michigan, I have witnessed a beautiful horror concerning the lake.  When you swim in the lake it can be the pinnacle of relaxation.  Simply float on your back in the cool water and you may find yourself drifting far from your worries and cares.  Your mind at total ease, your body at rest.  However, I was taught at a very early age to have a healthy respect for water, especially deep water.  Lake Michigan is definitely deep water.  The second deepest Great Lake, with a maximum depth of 923 feet, it’s a safe bet that it’s over your head.  So, while very relaxing, there should always be a touch of fear when you’re near the enormous body of water.  That fear is perhaps something that makes the relaxing that much better.  What can be more sexy than the country’s greatest lake?  


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….Stay tuned for more guest blogs from Doug!!!!

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