Hey, Indiana, It’s Time to Find Our Understanding Too.

We try to be fun ’round here, but sometimes our warm, softer side shows! On 9/4/14, the 7th Circuit Court stuck down Indiana’s gay marriage ban as unconstitutional. Unfortunately, the battle for equal rights for Hoosier LBGT families will likely continue to the Supreme Court. In response, I wanted to share with you this commercial.

I am proud to say, one of my best friends, Julie LiaBraaten, (undergraduate of Purdue University), was the Global Director of Marketing Research at Expedia when she “co-defendant the positioning and collaborated on the campaign development” (that’s corporate-speak) on Expedia’s “Find Your Understanding” campaign. The first time this particular commercial came on television, even as an advocate for LBGT equal rights, I was moved to tears. I have since watched it at least a dozen times, not only because the commercial is part of a brilliant, brave ad campaign, but because I’ve never had any doubt I was watching a commercial which had the ability to soften hearts and open minds around the country, even the world.

As it so happened, Julie’s college roommate and our dear friend, was able to legally marry his long-time partner this past year, not in Indiana. But it’s only a matter of time until marriage of same-sex couples will be legal in Indiana again (probably soon). So, hey, Indiana, maybe it’s finally time we “find our understanding” too.

(If your browser does not support this video on your mobile, click this Link to Expedia Commercial)


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