Independence Day ‘Round Here (PART 2): BODi Productions

Hoosier’s have a special way of doing what they do.  I am predicting this post will launch a whole new Indiana Sexy blog category “Hoosier Hillbilly Hacks” (or some similar ridiculous title) because boy, do we have life hacks! Thank you to BODi Productions and Josh Wakeland for contributing these videos.  Nothing was injured in the making of these shorts but maybe some corn.  I cannot be responsible so, please, do not try these stunts at home, those featured are not actors but lifelong Hoosiers – born and raised to do asinine stunts for the hell of it.  Without further ado:

About Our Contributor, “BODi Productions”:  There really is no such thing, not yet, but Josh Wakeland is a funny guy who does funny things.  Josh is also a graphic designer, a veteran, a long-standing community veteran advocate, and proud father.  We look forward to hearing more from him.

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