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Indiana Sexy – The Beginning

In the beginning, the sentiment was mere Facebook status: “Nothing like pitching your horse stall in the freezing early morning. Keeps ya honest, makes ya feel a little country, puts hair on your chest….it’s sexy. Indiana sexy. These are the things you must tell yourself.”

The idea of ‘Indiana Sexy’ got comments and lots of likes. Let’s admit it, these are two words least likely to be used together: Indiana and sexy.  If response to the status was any indication, sexy is something the Hoosier state does not necessarily have but really wants to claim. And while what constitutes Indiana Sexy is not yet overly apparent, the need for it is.  I figure, if I have to be here, I might as well give voice to the sexy, interesting, meaningful, and strange stories of Indiana.  The people of the Hoosier state work hard, endure brutal hot summers and freezing snowbound winters, and at first glance, don’t have much to offer in our mostly landlocked Republican state.  But it’s worth investigating with a tad of satire, of course. I hope you will help me by suggesting interviews, pointing out the sexy and interesting, and the less known spots of Indiana.

Obligatory ‘About Me’:

I grew up in Indiana and lived in a tiny town. I ate meat, potatoes, and canned vegetables for dinner. I went to church every Sunday. I played outside all year round but was always home by dark. And when I grew up and had the chance to leave, I did.  Period. I never intended to come back beyond birthdays, holidays, weddings, and funerals. I moved to Chicago, not too far from my hometown but really, an entire world apart. As I eventually grew into being a liberal vegetarian artsy girl, Chicago suited me perfectly. Fast forward, a decade later, rather unexpectedly and not without much resistance on my part, I fell in love with someone I went to high school with….what the, really? So small town cliche, it’s slightly embarrassing in hindsight, but love is a powerful drug and I followed my heart all the way back to tiny town Indiana. But wouldn’t you know it, just about the time I finally got settled, our relationship ended.

As I started to mend, I started writing these little snippet statuses about my day to day experience in Indiana. I felt rather compelled to write them actually, it was therapeutic. I found myself observing nuances of life around me very carefully, searching for the good in a place where I felt really bad, a place where I believed my feet had mistakenly led me back to square one, back to exactly where I began. And now, here I am beginning this blog, searching for all things Indiana sexy.  Indiana charming. Indiana me? Indiana anything? Indiana stay, Indiana go? I’m curious what I’ll find, but if I’m lucky maybe I’ll find a bit of myself.  Maybe you will too!  Thanks for reading!

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