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Pictures of the Week: Bailing Hay in Middlebury

Pictures by Kelsey Hayes

Middlebury, Indiana

This was to be the first post in a new series “Picture of the Week” or, that was the plan. But when I asked Kelsey Hayes to contribute one of her family pictures, she sent me a handful of beautiful, “Norman Rockwell-esque” photos. I just couldn’t possibly choose between them, so here are the “Picture(s) of the week”. I hope the weekly picture series speak for themselves and reflect life in Indiana, in it’s full wide spectrum.








Thank you, Kelsey Hayes, for contributing these pictures featuring her husband, Bobby Hayes, and their son, Wyatt (age 2)!

Would you like to contribute to “Indiana Sexy” pictures of the week?  Please send inquires or submissions to Glowlyla@gmail.com.

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