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Picture(s) of the Week: Boys at the Demo!

Pictures and Content contributed by Bill Cesavice

Nothing is more Indiana then a father and son enjoying some Saturday races.

On this day, I introduced my 5 year old son to demolition derbys. Between the car crashes, monster trucks and excitement, he passed out in my arms. While I moved to Indianapolis 8 years ago, I return to south bend often for my home town feeling.  These selfie-photos were taken on July 5th, 2014 at the South Bend Motor Speedway.

Bill Cev #1[4]

Bill #1[4]

Bill #3[11]

ABOUT OUR CONTRIBUTER: Bill Cesavice has been an Indiana native for 43 years, his son Gavin Cesavice, for 5 years. Bill is an IT security tech, former punk rocker who for fun works at a horror convention, runs a radio network out of his house, and drives a hearse daily to work.
ABOUT “Picture of the Week” segment:  Every Sunday, contributed photos will be shared.  These photos were selected in follow up to last weeks “Father and Son Bailing Hay” photographs.  It’s my pleasure to showcase good men being good dads, which is always sexy.  Do you know Bill?  You should, he is one bad*ss Hoosier dude.  Check out the radio network he runs out of his house with the link below! Thanks, Bill, for your father and son Speedway selfies!

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