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Pictures of the Week: Tippecanoe County 4H Fair

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love these pictures! They really capture the thrills and classic fun of 4H fairs in Indiana!

Thank you so much to Michelle Wood-Voglund for contributing her photos of her daughter, Rosemary and her friend, enjoying the rides.  If you haven’t gone to the 4H Fair yet, better hurry!  You’ll regret not going when you’re neck-deep in snow and sub-zero temps. Run, hurry, have fun!




About Our Contributor:

Michelle Wood-Voglund is the owner and artistic mastermind of Willow Stained Glass Studio in Lafayette, Indiana.  She is not only a talented stained glass artist, but also a rockstar mother, Girl Scout troop leader, a community go-getter, and all around contributor to making life more beautiful, spunky, and interesting! Please visit her online store with the above link for fabulous gifts and jewelry, you won’t be disappointed!

Got pictures you would like to contribute? Please email submissions to Glowlyla@Gmail.com

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