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Statement on Indiana’s RFRA Regious Freedom Restoration Act

As the founder of Indiana Sexy, I feel like I need to make a statement on the passing of Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” which was signed into law by Indiana’s Governor Pence on March 25, 2015. I wouldn’t say all this if I didn’t feel someone needed said, so please hear me out.

The people of Indiana fought hard against the RFRA, maybe too late, but we did fight it. Unfortunately, this law was the result of the bigotry and political ambitions of an elected few. I’ve been an advocate for equality awhile now, so I want to tell you this: I have never been more proud of‪my home state of Indiana. This really needs to be highlighted; truth be told, this law does not represent the people of Indiana and never did. Those amongst us who quietly support this law due to ideology or fear of losing religious freedoms are also the same people who would never discriminate against anybody. Christians in our state are good people. The liberals, also good people. The members of our LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual) community, you’d never find better people. Truth be told, there was no serious tension here until one was created yesterday when Indiana’s Governor Pence decided to ignore his constituency and sign this divisive, unneeded bill into law to usher in his presidential ambitions. 

But I truly underestimated Indiana, I would have never thought in my lifetime the majority of people, mayors, religious communities, newspapers, and businesses alike would support AND stand up for equality like they did in the days surrounding this controversy. I can honestly say, I’m damn proud of you, Indiana, you surprised me! Change doesn’t come easy for the people of Indiana, but we’ve come a very long way and frankly, it has given me hope. Really, thank you. 

Now, what I’m asking of all my friends and followers of Indiana Sexy, please stop with the Indiana hate, it’s not helping. What we need, what we’ve always needed, is for people to finally start loving Indiana, investing in it, and stop passively hoping it will become better on it’s own. The national backlash against Indiana’s RFRA law does not mean the nation stands against us, they are standing with us! And while everyone is watching us, let us stand together. Let us assure people of all faiths, we care about ensuring their freedoms. Let us assure our LGBT community, we will continue to fight for their civil rights. Do not allow this issue to divide the good people of Indiana, because that’s the only way this bigotry will continue.

The good people of Indiana, I’m so damn proud of you, let’s keep fighting the good fight to move our state forward.

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