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Valentine’s Day with IndianaSexy Style!


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. You know, that holiday where you wait hours in line for an overpriced meal? Yep. That one. That seems to be the typical plan of most couples for this lovely holiday, but have you ever thought of doing something different? Maybe even a little adventurous? Because if it ain’t adventurous, it ain’t Indiana Sexy!

Adventurous for people in Indiana, that could mean many things, and I’ll let you get creative and think for a minute, but here are a few of our ideas if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Hoosier State:

sheriffs-station-in-the-old-westStay in a Cabin

There are little cabins for rent all over Indiana just like this Gorgeous Cabin for Rent! Get yourself and your significant other away from all of the hustle and bustle and just enjoy each others company. Turn on the fireplace, have a few adult beverages, and just relax!

rolling-hills-vineyardVisit a Winery (Or Brewery if You’re Not a Wine Person)

You would never guess it, but Indiana has a ton of wineries and breweries! Here’s a map that shows you exactly how many wineries we have Here in Indiana! If you take a look at the map, it’s pretty clear you won’t have to travel far to find one. Wine doesn’t do it for ya? Here’s a brewery map: Indiana on Tap Map with just as many options!

dramatic-colorful-skyTake a Trip to the Country to Watch the Sunset

If you’re not sure all of that mooshie watching the sunset stuff is for you, then clearly you haven’t seen a perfect Indiana sunset. Still not sure about this idea? Then take yourself right on over to our Instagram Page. It’s full of gorgeous Indiana sunsets that will convince you that you need to go find a romantic spot to “park” with your date (hint, hint) and just enjoy the moment. There’s just something about watching the sun go down that’s romantic, so skip the hallmark card and  just do it! Hey, it’s free too! Who doesn’t love free!?

photoTake a Tour of a Chocolate Factory

You can’t go wrong with chocolate! So instead of buying your lady a box of overpriced chocolate, from a gigantic box store, why don’t you take a trip to a Gourmet Chocolate Factory and take a tour! Then you get a billion free samples and you can let her pick out her favorites at the end. C’mon, you know, it’s sweet!

waterfall-and-pool-3Take a Hike!

Yeah we know it’s cold in February, but some fresh air does the soul and body good! Bundle up the right way and you won’t be cold at all. Getting out of the stuffy house and into some Indiana nature will do wonders for your mood, and it’ll get your mind off of all your worries, so you can just enjoy the moment. Don’t forget to take your camera along and share your best shots on our Indiana Sexy Facebook page or tag us on Instagram! We love to celebrate your memories too!

photoTake a Mini Vacation to a B&B

Ahh yes, the romantic bed and breakfast getaway. How can you go wrong with that? This wonderful site has some pretty fabulous reviews, and looks pretty snazzy if I must say so! It might seem silly to you to go stay in another house, but it’s so nice to get away from real life sometimes – and well, especially, if you have kids! Kids can go to Grandma’s house! Just go relax, be comfortable, and ignore your to-do list and enjoy your time with your love.

coffee-with-creamGo to a quaint cafe

There are many cute cafes in Indiana. Our personal favorites are The Chicory Cafe and the South Bend Chocolate Cafe. It’s cold in February so grab a cup of warm coffee or hot chocolate to warm your spirit.

ecclecit-shop-windowGo Antiquing

Antiques are a time machine to the past. So go learn some stuff, and get great pieces for your house! Visit Antique Malls to find an antique store near you! You could even find an antique engagement ring (wink wink). Sometimes the best way to show your love is just to share your time!

If you want to have a great Valentine’s Day in Indiana, all of the above ideas would be perfect for almost any couple! My personal choice would be to stay in and cook a tasty dinner, drink some wine, and head to bed early. I think maybe I’m getting old or something! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more Indiana tips!

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